Learning French

One of my dreams is to be fluent in Italian and French. I love those languages, but I have never been very good at learning languages. I always find grammar very difficult. I have tried several courses Italian, but I often strand at 1/3, when the grammar gets tough!

I did take French until the fourth grade, but dropped it because for the exams you had to read twelve books and I thought I could never manage that in French. So I dropped it and I have regretted that ever since.

Last Monday, I decided to try to learn French again, and I signed up for a course. It is a written course, but I am lucky to have French teachers at school who immediately said they were willing to help me.

I already sent in lesson number one (Bonjour Madame, comment allez-vous? etc) and it is great fun. I do hope that it will make me able to say a few things in French when I am in France on holiday and who knows, perhaps one day I will be able to read French books in the original language and not in the Dutch translation!

And then I will be able to browse these stalls along the Seine!
October 2018


  1. I love the bouquinistes in Paris. I bought art prints at one, and a used book in English at another. They're fun to browse, but more so if you speak French. I've always wanted to learn French, too. But I mostly just know a few words and phrases. Hope your class goes well. Or as they say in French, bonne chance! :)


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