Summer vacation wrap-up (2019)

Hello to all of you! I hope you had a very good Summer. But now school has started again, and the normal life begins again. So we are all back on our normal schedule and so am I.

I did have a great Summer. In this post I will just give a short overview, but in the weeks to come I will share more, for example photo's from my trips.

So what did I do?

All the chores...
Well, I did most of the things I normally do during the Summer vacation, like taking Marius to the vet (he is in perfect health) and having my car checked. (also in good health)

I also spend a lot of my time cleaning and organizing my house. I have implemented a new system that will hopefully help me to keep my house cleaner during busy times at school because usually housework (since I do not like it) is the first thing to suffer when things get hectic.

I also did a lot of decluttering. I came to the conclusion I had 14 eyeliners and more than 500 paperclips! I did every room in my house and all the little drawers and boxes I just store things in, never to look at them again. But this time I looked inside and decided if these were things I wanted/needed to keep or not.
In total I brought 4 bins to the trashcontainer, 6 bags of books to the charityshop along with 2 bags of clothes and 2 bags of various stuff.

And the Fun things. 
I also read almost twenty books, saw the great series Unforgotten on DVD, and re-watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer again. (I still love Buffy!)

Art was also part of my vacation. I saw in The Netherlands a beautiful exhibition of Italian painters and I went to Paris to see the Berthe Morisot exhibition. (more on that one next week)
Lissbon, view from the Castle

Very luxurious: I went on two city-trips. In the first week I went to Lissbon with a friend for four days and in the fourth week I went to Paris on my own, to see three exhibitions in total.

I will share a lot from my trips in the weeks to come.
Paris, Tuileries. 

And the last exciting thing: I went to a Zoo with a friend to make photographs and although of course not all of them worked, I got a few I am very pleased with.
Zebra's. I like that their fur is striped as well!

Just a short post to let you know I am back at blogging and I am looking forward to it! I have new energy and new ideas, so I hope to get my normal schedule of at least one post per week running again :-)


  1. There was a Berthe Morisot exhibition? Fun! I'm glad you enjoyed your summer break. And that you got so much done. Decluttering is always a good thing. Binge-watching Buffy is also a good way to spend your time. ;D Welcome back!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, coming week I will have an article about the Berthe Morisot exhibition, I absolutely loved it!

      It is good to be back.
      Kind regards,


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