In the past weeks I hardly had time to read, since school was very busy. But still I managed to read a few books that I think were very good and that I would like to share with you.

The man in the red coat, Julian Barnes
This is a biography of the French doctor Samuel Pozzi, who lived at the end of the 19th century. He was not just a skilled doctor, he was also friends with people in high places and was known to be there when something interesting was happening.
Great insight in the period and the people, it transported me back to Paris in the Belle Epoque. I loved it.
The Dutch version

Frère d'âme, David Diop
This book has not been translated into English yet, but I hope for you it will be soon. In Dutch the title has been translated as: Meer dan een broer, meaning more than a brother. it is about a Sengalese soldier who fights in WWI, but when his friend dies (his more than a brother) he wants revenge and the other soldiers are scared of him.
Beautiful and moving.
The Dutch version

And their children after them, Nicolas Matthieu
Right now I am reading this book about people who growp up in the nineties. This book will ber available in English translation in April 2020, I saw. I really enjoy it.