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I am not a person who own an x-box or a playstation and I never play computer games. I am so ignorant that I am not even sure if an x-box and a playstation are two different things or not :-)

But I do like a few games that I can do on my ipad and that are free. I usually refuse to spend money on these things and I get bored easily, so it is not uncommon for me to play a game for an afternoon and then delete it.

Games I have given up playing for several reasons

The Sims (I have no idea what version I played, but it was the free version). I loved building the house, but I could not be bothered with the workrelated things that needed to be done. I usually set my two sims on long work assignments during the night, so the next morning I could use the money to continue building on the house! But I got bored.

Murder in the Alps. Beautifully made and a great story, but I gave up since everything costed so much energy and restoring energy was almost impossible. You could play for less than five minutes and the energy would be gone again. Pity, I liked this game.

June's Journey and Pearl's Peril. Also well made and they look beautiful. But it became a bit repetitive and with June's journey I had the problem I needed to solve puzzles to get stars, so I could buy flowers for the garden, so I could get to another level. But I needed to get to another level to solve more puzzles. There was no way out of that problem (yes, buying this in the game, and I do not do that).

Gardenscape and Homescape and Home Design Makeover: these all had the same problem, very soon the games you needed to play to earn money for the furniture and other items became so hard, it was almost impossible to solve them, so you quickly run out of lives and then you have to wait again. Of course you can buy lives, but as I said, I refuse to spend money on games like this.

Forge of Empires: Just too bloody complicated. And why do I need to fight wars and conquer others to prosper? I strongly protest against that. I played for ten minutes and already gave up on it.

Games I still play (well, for the moment)
Seekers Notes. Well made and it looks beautiful. It is also quite divers and has several different kind of puzzles and games. The only thing I dislike is that the higher the level, the more energy things cost. So there is not really a benefit for getting to a higher level. But for now, I still enjoy it.
And the different scenes like the garden, the marketplace etc are beautifully made. Compliments to the makers!

Home Design  Well, what can I say. I love this one very much and I think it is my favorite one uptil now.
You get to enter challenges to design rooms with furniture that comes from real catalogues. Your design will be voted on by other players, as you can also vote on their designs.
I am sometimes a bit shocked by the designs that win five stars and the ultimate level of tackiness those designs have, but I also see lovely ones with a lot of thought put into them.

I do not enter all the challenges, because I do not like all the briefs, and most importantly, it costs a lot of money to design a room!! A couple of thousand for a chair? Not a problem! (it is shocking how quicly you can spend 20.000 (virtual) dollars on furniture!) (side note, once you buy a chair, you can use it five times, after that you have to buy it again. But you do get a nice inventory quite soon).

This game is fun and creative and I think I will be playing this for a long time to come.


  1. Here's my confession: I love playing board games and card games with my family and my friends, but I never play computer games, not online, not on my phone, not at all. :)

    1. We never played board games when I was young, and I still do not like them! We sometimes played Monopoly, but we divided the streets etc before we started, so we could end it sooner and it would not take too long. :-) Funny how these things differ.

      Kind regards,


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