This painting was part of an exhibition on Dutch art around 1900. It was painted by Piet Meiners in 1884 and it is called Les buveurs d'eau.

I never heard of Piet Meiners before and he is not one of the well known Dutch artists of the 19th century like Breitner, Toorop of Van Gogh. But I loved this work the most at the exhibition. I loved the very Dutch outlook from the window on the roofs of the other houses, and I like how he painted the glass.
It is a very simple scene, but a lovely one. In a certain way I find it very modern, not a painting from 1884 at all. If you told me it was painted in 2016, I would believe it as well.

The picture is not as sharp as it could be, but I took it with my phone and that camera is not the best.


  1. It is a simple painting, but that's what makes it so beautiful. Thanks for sharing! :)


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