A painting by Paolo Veronesi (1573)

In the Galleria dell' Accademia in Venice hangs a painting I particularly like. It was painted by Paolo Veronesi in 1573 and it is the Last Supper. But at the second look, you see it is a Last Supper where a lot is happening. 

It looks fairly traditional at the first glance

Jezus is sitting there with his Apostles, as usual.

But there is also a cat under the table who just snatched himself something good to eat.
(I love this detail, I especially like to think one of the people at the table actually gave this to the cat!)

And this dog is looking at the cat, perhaps he wants the bone for himself...

Jesters and Moorish pageboys are also running around. 

When Paolo Veronesi finished this Last Supper, the Basilica di Santi Giovani e Paoli who commisioned the painting, was not happy. Veronesi even had to come to the Inquisition to account for himself. This painting was considered to be irreverent and without proper respect. He was asked why he had painted the Last Supper with dwarfs, and animals and drunken people. and why was it obviously set in Venice? 
Veronesi finally renamed the painting Feast in the House of Levi, and that let him off the hook. 

Nowadays, it hangs in the Galleria dell'Accademia in Venice, and every time I am there, I try to visit the Feast in the House of Levi.