Walking through the nature park

With just a 30 minute drive by car I am in a nature park nearby. I have been here several years ago and somehow never went back, but just a few weeks ago I went here with a friend. We talked, had a thermos with coffee and some sandwiches with us and we walked and walked. 

In this park are several animals, like horses, wisents, otters, swine, and deer, but of course it is always an adventure to see what animals will be there and which one not, since the area they can roam in is quite large. But that makes it all the more fun!


  1. What an enjoyable way to spend a morning! It looks so peaceful there. :)

    1. It was amazing, and very quiet. We were there early in the morning and left at 2p, then it started to get more busy. But we had an amazing time.

      Kind regards,


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