The worst bird-watching photo's ever (I think)

We have a few birds of prey here in The Netherlands and often I see a large brown one. I think this is a buizerd in Dutch, in English I think it is called a buzzard. (I am not a bird expert by any means, so if I am wrong, please let me know)

Last Sunday, I was cycling, and I had my camera with me. Suddenly I saw this bird, and I immediately stepped off my bike, and took my camera. I did not dare to come too close, since I did not want to spook him (or her?). My camera has a zoomlense of 150mm, so that is not huge, and this is the closest I could get. 

I tried to capure the bird with my camera, but it soon took off, and as you can see, the last pictures are horribly bad. 
Blurry buzzard and a terrible composition. Why did I not manage to make a decent photograph of this bird? 


  1. Fun! Birds are super hard to photograph. Especially when they fly off. ;D

    1. They are very fast when they fly off!!

      Kind regards,


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