The little(r) museums of Paris, Emma Jacobs

Since it is not possible to go to Paris at the moment, I try to get my fix in another way, through series, films and of course books. My parents gave me this book for Christmas en I love it. It is a book with all (well, al lot) of the museums in Paris, even the very very small ones. 

The book is divided into 9 sections, each with different museums in different categories, like History, Artists&ateliers, Science&medicine and many more. 

Each chapter has different museums, with practical information and a little about the history of the museum. 

I loved reading this book, and I already have a large list of museums I want to visit next time I am in Paris. 

What is also very nice are the gorgeous and cute drawings of the museums and some of their content. No photographs, but sketches and these really add to the atmosphere of the book. 

Absolutely love it!

Published in 2019

Pages: 192


  1. I can see why you love this book! I want a copy just so I can dream about going back to Paris someday. :D

    1. It is absolutely charming and it really makes me want to go to Paris and visit all these wonderful museums. Hopefully soon!

      Kind regards,


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