Wonderful Dutch painting

This beauttiful painting is called Dressing Suusje, by the Dutch painter Arthur Briët. It was made around 1910. 

You see here the daughter of the painter, called Suusje, and a woman who helps her dress and do her hair. It is obvious Suusje has had enough! 

This painting is in the collection of the Noord Veluws museum in Nunspeet. In this small village lived and worked a lot of artists in the 19th century, since the environment is beautiful Arthur Briët was one of those artists. 

I absolutely love this painting. It is very turn of the century style, and I love that art-period, but it also reminds of the old Dutch masters and their little insights of houses and families. Like Johannes Vermeer. 


  1. Wow. The lighting in it is amazing.

    1. Yes, beautiful, isn't it? I think that is why it reminds me of Vermeer.

      Kind regards,


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