What have I been doing? (May 2022)

These past weeks have flown by, I really do not know where the time is going! I thought it was time for a little check-up, what have I been doing these weeks? Well, at the moment I am enjoying the Mayvacation, necessary to get some rest and some needed energy. 


These weeks I read all the Frieda Klein books by Nicci French again. I love this series and I love Frieda Klein as a main character. 

I also read Miss Dior by Justine Picardie which I absolutely loved and I will write a seperate review later. 

Films and series

I watched the 6th season of Vikings and this was alright. It was not the best season, but it had good moments and I love having the story complete. I also watched one episode of Once Upon A Time season 7 and I hated it. I loved the entire series, but I will leave season 7 alone. 

I thoroughly enjoyed The Borgia's, with Jeremy Irons as Pope Borgia. It was not very historically correct, but the visuals were great and Jeremy Irons is amazing in everything he does. 

Other things

Last week I also had time to get some plants for my balcony, and it looks really nice. I enjoy this everytime I look outside. I also planted tomatoes, and beans and garlic (I think the flowers of those will be beautiful!). 

The coming week I have time for the dentist, getting photographs for my new drivers license and bring stuff to the charity shop. 

I can also tell you that Pomme and Eefje are doing very well. They are still scared, but they make steps forward every day. 


  1. Your cats are so cute! And your balcony plants are gorgeous. :)

    1. Thank you, my cats are very cute and lovely and sweet. I love them very much.

      Kind regards,


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