An update

Well, it has been a long time, due to all kinds of things like hectic school and some health issues. At the moment I am at home, trying to get some rest. Not easy, when there is so much at school I think I need to be a part of, but necessary for my health and well-being!

So what do I do? Apart from re-watching Midsomer Murders (I do like John Nettles!) I read. I read a lot. 


I have ordered the seven books by Caroline Graham about DI Barnaby and all the murders in Midsomer. The series is based on these books, although only the first five were used for the series and after that the writers wrote their own stories, and only used the characters Caroline Graham invented. I hope the books are as good as the series is!

I also came across the series by Elly Griffiths about forensic archeologist Ruth Galloway who works together with the police to solve crimes. I like detectives with a good plot, interesting characters and a good historical background. There are a few things I do not like (constantly saying how much Ruth thinks all religion is nonsens is getting old very fast), but I do like the series as a whole, so this is a minor point. I also love it that there is no cruelty and gore and torture and maniac-serial killers etc. I had enough of these. 

I also read all kinds of other books and perhaps I will share a few of those in the weeks to come. 


I do try to go out for a walk a couple of times a week. I do not always feel like it at the time, but I do feel better when I walk and afterwards, so I do go out. I usually take my camera with me, so I can make photographs of the details I see, the flowers, and the landscape. I enjoy walking with a puropse like that. 

The balcony

I also made my balcony ready for the Winter. I took away all the dead plants, and pruned the plants I hope to keep alive this winter so they can hopefully bloom again next Spring. I also potted bulbs like tulips, blue-bells and a few other Spring flowers, so I hope these will give me some beautiful flowers and colours in the (early) Spring, when everything else is still asleep!

My back did not agree with my work on the balcony, although I did spread it out over several days to do everything, since it always is a hard job carrying pots and earth and plants around. But the balcony does look lovely, so I am pleased. 

And now? 

I hope to keep up a regular schedule of publishing again, on Tuesday. It is easy when you have missed one week, to miss another and another, but I do not want to neglect this blog, so a regular schedule is best.