The road ahead

Almost always when I go for a long walk, I take my camera with me. I love walking with a purpose and looking around me, trying to judge if something will come out as a good photo or not. I also like to make photo's of roads and paths, as this little collection shows. 

As you can see, autumn is on its way, but not completely here. Most leaves on the trees are beginning to colour, but there is still a lot of green. And when you walk in this park, you can encounter a sheep. He (She? It?) was looking at me with caution, but when it saw I was not a danger, he passed me. (or she). 


  1. Fun photos! I always like pictures with roads leading off into the distance. :D

    1. Me too, it gives a sense of direction to a photo, and even perhaps some mysterie :-)

      Kind regards, Bettina

    2. It's that little sense of mystery that I think I like. :D

    3. I think so as well (and a sheep here and there does not hurt)

      Kind regards,


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