Looking back on 2022

This year has been a bit of a mix. In certain aspects it was better than previous years, in others it was a difficult year, both on a personal and on an Mondial level. Again, a beloved cat died in December, just like last year. 

Eefje (2017?)-2022

But what were the things I really enjoyed this year? (let's try to focus on the positive :-) )

Well, my other cat Pomme is doing well (apart from missing her friend of course). She wants to stay close to me. After 11.5 months she finally sat on my lap for the first time. She is a lovely and amazing cat and her presence helps me a lot!

Pomme, just being cute

One of my favorite books this years was Ariadne by Jennifer Saint. This is a very good re-telling of the Greek myth of Ariadne, the Minotaur en Theseus. 

One of my favorite non-fiction books was the biography about Agatha Christie by Lucy Worsley. Interesting and very well written. Loved it. 

I had a great balcony this summer, and I enjoyed fixing and tweaking things here. 

I did not see as many exhibitions as I usually do, but I did saw a few beautiful ones. The one about the modern women was one of my favorite! It showed me how important the invention of the bicycle has been for the freedom of women!

Looking forward to the new year

What will 2023 bring? I have no idea. I do hope for a bit more peace and quiet for myself, but we will see. 

I intend to read the books I want to read at that moment, although I do have plans to re-read all the Agahta Christie detectives in 2023, but other than that, I will see what comes along and what catches my eye. 

I do want to see more exhibitions, and I see a lot of good ones coming to Dutch museums in the coming months, so that is something to look forward to. I do intend to share more of that. 

Coming year, I do not think I will take a trip abroad, especially not since the prices of everything have gone up and the energy crisis is also causing a lot of trouble. I will try to be sensible with my finances. I will walk and cycle in my neighbourhood, and perhaps visit a city here in The Netherlands. I intend to keep sharing those trips in photo's and articles. 

If everything goes well, I intend to keep a posting schedule of once a week, on Tuesday. Most of the time that works very well for me, but there are moments I am not able to manage it, and then I will post less. I am not making promises here, just telling what I will try to do :-) 

Let's hope 2023 will be a good year for all of us!!


  1. Glad to hear there were some positives in 2022! I wanted to send you a Christmas card, but the one I sent last year got returned. I don't know if I got the address wrong, or if you moved, or what happened. So I didn't try this year....but I do want to wish you a Happy New Year! I hope 2023 is a better year, and that many good things come your way. :D

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!! I wish you all the best as well, good books, blogs and friends :-) How strange the card was returned last year, I have not moved, so the postal gods must have had a day off! But it is the thought that counts, and a wish through this medium works just as well.

      Kind regards,


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