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Italian books or books set in Italy
Buzzati, Dino The Tartar steppe
Calvino, Italo Invisible cities
Calvino, Italo The path to the spiders' nests
Cognetti, Paolo The eight mountains
Costantini, Roberto The deliverance of evil
Costantini, Roberto The root of all evil
Costantini, Roberto The memory of evil
Fenoglio, Beppe A private affair
Fenoglio, Beppe Ruin
Ferrante, Elena My brilliant friend
Ferrante, Elena The story of a new name
Ferrante, Elena Those who leave and those who stay
Ferrante, Elena The story of the lost child
Grames, Juliet The seven or eight deaths of Stella Fortuna
Maurier, Daphne du The flight of the falcon
Mazzantini, Margaret Twice born
Mazzucco, Melania Limbo
Melandri, Francesca Eva sleeps
Leon, Donna The golden egg
Leon, Donna By its cover
Leon, Donna The waters of eternal youth
Pennacchi, Antonio The Mussolini canal
Sciascia, Leonardo The day of the owl
Stern, Mario Rigoni The sergeant in the snow
Vichi, Marco Death in August
Williams, John Augustus

Italian history
Akcroyd, Peter Venice, pure city GB
Athill, Diana A Florence diary GB
Beard, Mary SPQR GB
Beevor, Kinta A Tuscan childhood GB
Dickie, John Mafia Republic GB
Graham-Dixon, Andrew Caravaggio GB
Hibbert, Chistopher The rise and fall of the house of Medici GB
King, Ross Brunelleschi's dome GB
Loren, Sophia, My life
Morris, Jan Venice GB
Parks, Tim Medici money GB
Saviano, Roberto Gomorrah Italy

Italian Cookbooks
Carluccio, Antonio Antonio Carluccio's pasta GB
Chiappa, Michela, Emanuela, Romina Simply Italian, home cooking with the Chiappa sisters GB
Granger, Bill Bill's Italian food AUS
Kiros, Tessa Limoncello and linen water GB

Italian culture and way of life

Italian habits
Italian life
Italian cooking
Coffee the Italian way
Dolce far niente
Roman parking

Famous Italians
Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino
Sophia Loren

Tips and places to go
What to do when you are in Florence
Going to Italy soon? Here are some tips
How I get that Italian feeling, at home
Five places I love in Rome
Museo Centrale Montemartini, Rome
Two museums in Rome
Venice: the island of Murano
Venice: the island of Burano
Venice: the island of Torcello
The San Marco in Venice
Botanical gardens in Bologna
A few museums in Bologna
Caravaggio in Napels: Seven works of MercyFlagellation of ChristThe martyrdom of Saint Ursula

Italian art

Italian films
Mio fratello è figlio unico
Pane e tulipani
Shadows in the sun
The enchanted april
Una giornata particolare
Una via a Palermo
4 films set in Florence
La meglio gioventú

Italian television series
Corleone, il capo dei capi
La piovra
Squadra antimaffia

Italian music
Il canto di malevita
Sint Petersburg Cecelia Bartoli

Italian art
Saint Francis by Gentileschi
Modern art in old places
Graham-Dixon, Andrew Caravaggio
Exhibition, in the heart of the Renaissance

Photographs (series)
Longing to be in Rome
Floral greetings from Rome
Going to Rome soon
Visions from Rome
Trastevere in Rome
Mother Mary in Rome
Flowers and stones in Rome
Florence in photographs
Foreign animals
Remembering Venice
City life in Venice, a few impressions
Impressions of Bologna
Botanical gardens in Bologna
Impressions of Napels