Foreign animals

When I am on holiday, I always enjoy taking photographs. And when I am home and look at the photographs, I notice I do not only like to make snapshots of buildings and other landmarks, somehow all kinds of animals also manage to catch my attention. I am always on the lookout for cats, but birds and even small lizards also find their way into my photographs.

This beautiful cat was watching everything that was going on at the Forum Romanum. It was clear this cat and his feline colleagues owned the place.

A little lizard was baking in the sun, also at the Forum Romanum

Some beautiful bird, I must admit I have no idea what kind of bird. At the Forum Romanum

A cat lying in the sun in the getto of Venice.

Pigeon on San Marco's square, Venice.

A very shy cat in a little park in Venice, that was waiting for somebody from the neighbourhood who always came and fed this cat and the other cats in the park.

Al these photographs were take by me, The ones in Rome in 2012, the ones in Venice in 2011.