Home improvement on a budget

Sometimes you want to make some changes in your house. You can re-arrange your furniture, but if you live like I do, that is not really a possibility. All my walls are lined with bookcases, and those cannot be moved, therefore things like couches, beds, chairs, the dining table etc must all stay where they are.

And if you do not have a lot of money to buy new furniture, how can you create a new look in your living room? The answer is, as most of you will probably now: change the accessories.

I have a brown couch, and last year I bought a new chair, that is blue. I must admit, it does not look so good together as I hoped it would when I bought the chair, somehow it is a little bit bigger and also more blue than I expected. To bring the couch and the chair together I bought two dark blue cushions for the couch, the bright pink one is for an extra spark of colour, since it did look very dark together. It looked okay, but I was not crazy about it.
The brown couch, the blue cushions and a cat
The blue chair, and part of the brown couch with a blue cushion
Last week I found the solution. First of all I bought a white fleece blanket, to drape over the couch. I also bought two white cushion covers for the dark blue cushions. I chanced the bright pink one for a pale purple one. One white cushion on the chair, one white and the light purple cushion on one side of the couch, and the white blanket hanging from the other end. Now, the chair and couch look as if they belong together, and my living rooms looks much brighter.

It looks brighter
On the coffee table I also did something different. During the winter months I always have a tray with bright coloured candles on my coffee table. I have candles again, but now I put a white and two light brown candles on the tray. Again, now it looks like it belongs together. The colour of the brown candles is almost the same as the colour of the couch.
So, a new look for under 15 Euros, and I did not have to make huge changes, buy new things, or change my entire living room. Just a few things can make a difference.  
Now it looks like it belongs together