Colour coordination

In expensive design magazines, or on the internet you can find pictures of people who have their bookcases organised by color. I am always a bit baffled by this, I do not think I would be able to find a single book if I did this, bit somethimes it looks quite nice.
I think this is a well known photograph, and I found it HERE
There is even a company Books by the foot where you can order the colours and the metres you need, and they will send you the books. Books are no longer trusted friends you know and love, but only part of the design.
One evening I did decide to try out what a few colour coordinated book shelves would look like, and here is the result. It looks nice, but like I said, I would never do all my bookcases like this, I would never be able to find another book again.
I do not like yellow, and I am glad these are all the yellow books I own.

All the different shades of blue make a beautiful combination, I think.

A very fun looking shelf

Very striking, all these reds together

Gold and silver (and some greyish)

The green shelf is very nice and tranquil

Quite stylish, all this white combined.