The delights of Downton Abbey

Last week I bought the third season of Downton Abbey. It was already broadcasted on Dutch television, but I did not see all the episodes, so I am thrilled to have season 3 in my posession. I loved the first two seasons, and what I saw from season 3 was amazing as well. I already know what will happen in the last episode, so it will not come as such a shock to me, although I must confess I was shouting at the television when I watched that episode. But now I can enjoy the episodes from the beginning, although the ending will be sad again.

I do not really know why I like this series so much, as well as other BBC costume dramas. I think it is a combination of great acting, meticullous attention to details, great stories and of course, beautiful costumes!
It is also a longing for a time that has gone by, a past that has been. Of course I realise that past times were only fun for a hand full of (mostly rich) people, but I do feel the romance of past times.

That lovely couple Mary and Matthew. I grew to like Mary very much and I just loved their romance

Isn't she beautiful?

Such joy
That other amazing couple, Mr. Bates and Anna. They are just wonderful and they have such chemistry!

The times are changing and poor Branson will have to find his way around the upper classes. Playing cricket is not something he ever thought he would be doing.

Poor Carson sometimes finds it hard to keep up with all the modern inventions.

Beautiful and elegant.

The three Crawley sisters together. I really admire what work the costume department did

Although it is nice to see that the Countess is thrifty, here she wears a hand-me-down.

As you can see, Louise Lombard in the House of Elliot wore this coat first! (that was also a great series, by the way!)