Agatha and the midnight murders (2020)

It is 1940 and Agatha Christie has money problems. Everybody thinks she is rich, but her American publisher does not pay royalties since the war broke out, however, she still must pay taxes. 

Her solution is to sell her manuscript of the final book she wrote about Hercule Poirot and she arranges a meeting with a rich fan at a hotel. She has and old friend with her to protect her, after all, 20.000 pounds is a large sum of money. 

During the meeting in the lobby, there is an air-raid and all the guests must go into the cellars for their protection. Unfortunately it seems that there is somebody after Agatha, the manuscript and the money and it is no surprise that there will be some murders. 

Who stole the manuscript, who murdered who and who can be trusted? 

This is the third film in a series of films about Agatha Christie and her life, and events that could have happened. I enjoyed Agatha and the truth of murder and Agatha and the curse of Ishtar, but I must admit this third movie is not as good the previous two.

Helen Baxendale is good as Agahta Christie, but the other characters are a bit too much and too nasty, although I did like Blake Harrison as Travis Pickford (the friend who comes with Agatha to protect her) and Jacqueline Boatswain as Audrey Evans (a very competent woman). 

On the whole the story is not very interesting, at least nor for the first half. I even began to think it was quite boring. It does get better in the second half and the end has a couple of twists I liked. 

In short, the second half redeemed the film, but I prefer the other two films. 

Travis and Agatha


  1. This series of films sound like fun. Especially the first one!

    1. Yes, the first and the second one are really nice, good for a couple of hours of escapism.

      Kind regards,


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