Dectectives from a different time

I love good period drama (Downton Abbey for example), but I also love a good detective. It looks as if the British are the best at doing both genres and when the two genres are combined, real magic happens.
Here are a few of my favorite detectives from different times.

Brother Cadfael. (1994-1998)
Ellis Peters wrote the books about the 12th century Brother Cadfael who is a Benedictine monk at the Abbey in Shrewsbury. He has a large knowlegde of herbs and medicines, and he has a large herb garden and a shed where he makes the medicines for his fellow brothers, but also for the people in town. He was a crusader and entered the monastery quite late, but this gave him a lot of wordly experience. All of these things help him in solving the murders that take place.
A wonderful rol of sir Derek Jacobi, and the setting is absolutely wonderful.

Mrs Bradley mysteries. (1998)
Adele Bradley is a psychoanalyst, a feminist and a worldly woman. She has helped the police on many occasions with their investigations. This series is set in the twenties and Diane Rigg is a great Adele Bradley, while Neil Dudgeon is her driver George who helps her in all of her schemes. The clothes are gorgeous. (that is why I could not help myself with the photo's, I just had to show a few examples!)
Just 5 episodes were shot, but they are well worth watching (even though the plots are a bit far-fetched sometimes).

Father Brown (1974 and 2013)
Father Brown is the creation of G.K. Chesterton who thougt a priest would be a perfect man to understand the evil in the world and the way people's hearts work.
In 1974 there was a series with Kenneth More as Father Brown, and in 2013 there was a new series with Mark Williams as Father Brown. The first series is more faithful to the original stories, but I also loved the newest series. They are set in the 1950'ties. This series is not out on DVD yet, but I hope it will be soon.
Kenneth More in 1974

Mark Williams in 2013

Sherlock Holmes (1984)
Yes, the new series with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman is amazing, and I loved how they managed to transport Holmes into the modern times.
But the best series with Holmes in the 1880'ties is of course the series from 1984 with Jeremy Brett as Sherlock. Benedict is good, but nobody beats Jeremy Brett. He will always be 'The' Holmes for me.
Edward Hardwicke as dr. Watson is also pretty iconic.

Miss Marple (1984-1992)
Joan Hickson is the miss Marple for me. She was the creation of Agatha Christie. These twelve episodes are set mostly in the thirties, it seems. Acting, setting, clothes, all is impeccable. I love miss Marple.

Hercule Poirot (1988-2013)
Just this year David Suchet played Hercule Poirot for the last time. All short stories and all novels have been adapted for this series and it is finished.
Poirot was also a creation of Agatha Christie and the Belgian detective solved all kinds of crimes with his 'little grey cells'.
Captain Hastings, played by Hugh Fraser, was amazing as Poirots friend and side-kick. This series also has the best settings and an eye for detail when it comes to houses, furniture and clothing.