Finally: season 4 of Downton Abbey

Lady Mary and her son George
I have been waiting a long time, as have other fans, but the fourth season of Downton Abbey is finally broadcasted on Dutch television. I really love this series and I hope this new season will be as good as the other three.
I already know there is some drama ahead, but I also hope for some lovely moments, like a new love for Tom or perhaps even a new love for Mary? (although it might be too soon for her)

Anyway, the first episode was broadcasted last Saturday and I really enjoyed it. I loved how Tom went to Carson to help Mary and although she resisted at first, Carson is the one who can reach her. I forsee trouble with the new ladiesmaid for Her Ladyship, that girl was nothing but trouble the first time and I think she will stir up trouble again.
And I am not so sure about the relationship between Edith and that other man, but I cannot wait what will happen between Rose and the Jazz musician!

The rest was equally great, helping mrs. Crawley getting over het grief by making her help others was genius, Thomas (I cannot help it, I sometimes like Thomas) making sure that nasty Nanny went was amazing.
In short, I cannot wait for next Saturday!