Coffee the French way

My French and my Italian Coffee pots
I do not drink a lot of coffee, but when I drink it, I usually drink my coffee the Italian way. When I am out I order an espresso, and at home I have a moccapot. I love the coffee that comes out of it. The moccapot is just something I use when I want to make coffee for myself. When I have company, I have a coffeemachine. But this things always irritates me a little bit, it is clumsy and big and I do not really like to use it.

Last week I also bought a caffetière, a French coffee pot. It is a simpler and easier way of making coffee than in the coffeemachine. Just put coffee in the pot, pour hot water of it, wait for four minutes and push the plunger down. This separates the coffee from the grind and you can pour it.

I quite like my French coffee pot as well!