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I cannot describe myself as a fashionista. I know too little about fashion, I never know any trends and I have struggled to find my own style for the past decades. Sometimes I watch certain stylish people, but always decide it is not for me, because the fashion they wear is not practical enough, or just too trendy for my taste. And some things I just find terribly ugly.

Thankfully sometimes you can find some inspiration when you notice a style that is simple, wearable and feminine, without being girly. There is for example Emilia Fox in Silent Witness, where she plays Nikki Alexander.
She wears mostly jeans with ankle boots and gorgeous blouses and tops, sometimes with a jacket and/or a scarf.
I love, love, love it and I think this is a style that would suit me as well. (of course I am not as beautiful as Emilia Fox, but then again, who is?) I now find myself looking for similar blouses in the shops and for better fitting jeans. (I am loosing a lot of weight at the moment, so that is good news in that department)

I was not able to find many pictures of Nikki Aleander that show of her wardrobe, but here are a few.
Harry, Nikky and Leo. Love the colourful blouse

Beautiful dark blue blouse with sheer sleeves.

Blouse, jacket and a scarf.

And another great blouse.


  1. Jeans, a blouse and flats is my general go to outfit. That or jeans with a basic jersey, some kind of cardigan and a printed scarf. They're nice easy outfits that look like effort has been put in without feeling uncomfortable or over the top. I'm not a very fashion-y person, I just can't pull trends off. Haha.
    Congratulations on your weight loss - it's no easy feat!
    Bits & Bobs

    1. Sounds like you have a great style going on! I am getting there, slowly (just took me several decades, but who is counting! :-) )

      Kind regards,


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