My little French kitchen, Rachel Khoo

Reading cookbooks is one of my favorite things. I especially love cookbooks that bring a story and give me the idea I could actually make the recepies. I like it when a cookbook makes me feel like one of those people I admire, when I feel like somebody who grows her own tomatoes and makes a beautiful salad or a delicious dish without any effort. Rachel Khoo wrote two books that gave me exactly these feelings.

Rachel Khoo wrote My little Paris kitchen earlier, about the recipies she cooked in her tiny kitchen in het apartment in Paris. That was a great book full of easy to make French recipes.

In this new book Rachel Khoo travelled to different regions of France to find special recipes. She went to Brittany, Basque, Bordeaux, Lyon, Provence and Alsace. There she found (or invented) recipes with the local produce or the dishes characteristic for that region, like the fish recipes from Brittany.

This book contains beautiful photographs of the dishes, the different regions and of course of Rachel herself. The recipes are not that difficult to make. They couldn’t be, since Rachel tried all of them in her tiny Paris kitchen. Knowing that is a good motivation for me to try these recipes in my kitchen as well.
There are vegetarian, meat and fish dishes, sweet and savory, (I especially like the chocolatecake!)
I really like this book and I feel My little French kitchen is an asset in my cookbook collection.  
Published in 2013