Evelyn Waugh collection

Certain authors have earned their very own shelf in my bookcases. Virginia Woolf has her own shelf in my house, John Irving also has his own shelf.

Other, lesser, gods have a part of a shelf for themselves, like Ian Rankin or Jo Nesbo. I really like their books, but I do not feel the obsession to own all of their books or to buy books about their friends, books with their letters or their diaries.

Evelyn Waugh is an author I begin to like very much. I read Brideshead revisited and loved it and I decided I wanted to read most of his novels in order. That meant I had to buy them. In that same week I went to an English discount bookshop in Amsterdam (the English bookshop in the Kalverstraat) and there they had several of Evelyn Waugh's books for just ten euros. (3 for 25 euros). I liked these books, hardback versions with a lovely blue and white dustjacket. I bought several of these books. (really pleased with that)

Then I decided I also wanted a lovely hardback version of Brideshead revisited. I own a horrible Dutch version, and a Penguin classic paperback. I wanted something more special. Luckily for me Waterstones is also in the Kalverstraat and the lovely staff helped me to order a copy.
It arrived and it is lovely, absolutely beautiful. It was expensive, but well worth it. I am very happy with it, since this is the most beautiful book I ever read I thought it needed a special edition.
As you can see, a beautiful cover.
My Evelyn Waugh collection with his diaries,
a couple of his non-fiction works and most of his novels.