Warm weather and results on my balcony

Due to the (usually) warm weather we had in the past weeks, the plants on my balcony I planted only this May are already growing fast.

These are the beans when they just came up, this was a couple of weeks ago.

These were the beans a week and a half ago, see how much they have grown? I like how nature works and what a little miracle it is that from one tiny seed a new plant can grow. Amazing.

This is the vegetable garden a week and a half ago.  As you can see all the plants have grown, especially the tomatoes. The aubergine and the paprika are also doing well.

This is a photograph I made this weekend, you can see how rapid the beans grow, they are almost all the way up. The tomatoes have yellow flowers and there is also something interesting going on in the paprika. I did not manage to make a photograph of that.

This Tayberry is also doing great, you can see the little berries, they only need to grow and to gain some colour. I am very curious to see how they taste.