New background and more Italy

As you can see, I changed the way my blog looks. I loved the pink rose-petal background, but I wanted something else. Sometimes it is good to see what you want to change, and I do love tinkering with my blog.

The content will also change a little bit. I suddenly felt again like I had to review every book that I read here, but I do not want to do that. There are some books that do not fit with the idea I have for this blog. So there will be books, at least one bookreview per week, but not all books I read will be reviewed here, even if there is an English translation.

I also thought about what I absolutely love, and that it Italy. I love all things Italian, to give you an example, I was upset when the Italian football team went home during the World Cup in Brasil, more upset than I was when The Dutch team was sent home.
I love Italy and it's beautiful cities, I love Italian food, culture, design, clothes, lifestyle, films, literature, language, music and history. I want my blog to reflect this love. So prepare yourself for more Italy on this blog, at least once a week a post will be dedicated to the country that has half of my heart.

Other things will stay the same, don't worry. On Sunday there will be a quote, and like I said there will be at least one bookreview each week. Photographs I make will also feature, as well as art, history etc. There won't be a lot of change, but the focus will shift a little bit.