Bill's Italian food

Bill Granger is an Australian cook who owns several restaurants and who has written many cookbooks. I must admit I never heard of him and this book was my first acquaintance with him.

The Italian way of life and the way the Italians deal with food appeals to many people, and also to Bill Granger. It is all about respecting the ingredients, not too much fuss and of course; enjoyment.

Bill’s Italian food has 100 recipes with all the Italian basics you could want. There are not a lot of atmospheric anecdotes in this book, as in the cookbooks I absolutely love, the focus is mainly on the recipes. But perhaps that is because it is written by a man J. There are some very beautiful photographs here.

Focaccia, frittata’s, pasta’s, main meals and deserts can be found here and I already saw some recipes I am dying to try. The recipes are in general easy, quick and not very difficult, although I do wonder if some of the ingredients can be found outside of Italy, but perhaps I am mistaken.

My only problem was that the photographs of the meals are not always on the same page as the recipe, and that made it sometimes difficult to see which dish on the photograph went with which recipe.

But on the whole I think Bill’s Italian food is a great book full of recipes I would like to cook, and it is a good addition to my collection of Italian cookbooks.

Published in 2014