Squadra antimafia, Palermo oggi (2008-)

I love a good Italian series and when I find one I did not see before, I am very happy. Recently I discovered Squadra antimaffia, Palermo oggi, that came out on DVD in The Netherlands.
A very good and thrilling series about a group of policemen and women who fight against the mafia in Palermo.  

In the first series we meet policeinspector Claudia Mares (Simona Cavallari).
In 1992 she was a policeofficer and she saved the life of a young girl, who turned out to be Rosy Abate, the daughter of a mafia family.

We then fast-forward to 2008. Old friend and colleague Stefano asks Claudia to come back to Palermo, because something big is going on. Before he can tell her, Stefano gets killed.

Inspector Mares becomes the new head of the team, but she does not know if she can trust them, especially when it becomes clear there is a mole who betrays everything to the mafia. The only person she trusts is inspector Ivan de Meo. (Claudio Gioè)

Claudia and Ivan
In the meanwhile Rosy Abate returns to Palermo to get married after living for years in the United States. Despite herself she is caught up in the mafia affaires of her brothers.

The second series picks up where the first one ended. Claudia Mares is still the head of the antimafia group, although she has a new team (funny how it is never explained where the others went to).
The new team
The new team must learn to trust eachother quickly, since it soon becomes clear old friends cannot be trusted anymore and perhaps a betrayer was on the right side all along. The secret service also wants to play a part, but they have their own agenda.
And Claudia Mares has to fear for her life, since the Abate family now wants her dead.

Squadra antimaffia is very thrilling and exciting and although the episodes are long (1 ½ hour each), you never get bored. Each episode also ends with a cliffhanger that made me throw the next dvd into the dvd-player  immediately, since I needed to know what would happen next.

The storylines are very good and the actors are also amazing. This makes Squadra antimafia a series worth watching. I also liked to see actors again I recognized from other Italian films and series.

Beautiful images of Palermo (looks like a wonderful city) and plenty references to the history of the mafia and the people who fight against it, also make you feel this is real.

Unfortunately only season 1 and 2 were brought out in The Netherlands, and there are 7 seasons already in Italy. I hope the other ones will also be brought out here, because this is a series I would really like to watch until the end.