Una giornata particolare (1977)

It  is the day Mussolini and Hitler had their first official meeting in Rome. Antonia, played by Sophia Loren, sees her husband and six children off to go into town to enjoy the celebrations. When they are gone she has to do her normal chores. Only when the parrot escapes and flies to the neighbor, she comes into contact with the neighbor.

During the day Antonia and Gabriele meet a couple of times and talk to each other and get to know each other. Antonia is a good fascist housewife, although she is disappointed in her husband who cheats on her. Gabriele is a homosexual who fears for his life, since the fascists are not tolerant of homosexuals.

Una giornata particolare (a special day) is one of the most beautiful films Sophia Loren ever made. Marcello Mastroianni is also very good as Gabriele.

It is a films set only in the flat, and it does not have grand scenes or special effects. You know what happens in the city because you can hear the speeches made by Hitler and Mussolini on the radio in the background, but that is all. The film is just about two people with their fears and feelings who get to know each other, with some understanding an genuine liking as a result.

The end is sad as you can see Gabriele is taken away and we know it will probably end badly for him. For Antonia live will goes on as before, with her cheating husband and perphaps even more children. But at least she had this one special day.