Friday, 31 October 2014

Ghost whisperer (2005-2010)

One of the things I love to do is to watch series. Often I do not see the series when they are broadcasted on television, or I miss episodes, so I rely on my dvd collection. (you see, I am old-fashioned, I do not have Netflix, I still buy dvd’s J)

Recently I started to re-watch Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love Hewitt. I remember seeing some episodes on television, but certainly not all of them, and the last two series I did not see at all. But now I have them and I can watch whenever I want to.

Ghost Whisperer is the story of Melinda Gordon, who owns an antiques shop and who has the ability to see ghosts. Often the ghosts come to her because they have unfinished business and they need her help.

I quite like Jennifer Love Hewitt who plays Melinda, she is very beautiful and very good in this role. The stories are touching, although they can begin a bit creepy, the ending is often very well done.

I especially love the relationship between Melinda and her husband Jim, played by David Conrad. There is much chemistry between the two. You can see they love each other very much and I love how protective and supportive Jim is of Melinda, I would not mind a husband like that!

The final thing I love about this series is Melinda’s wardrobe, she has some amazing clothes in this series. Her nightgowns have to be mentioned (I do not know how she sleeps in them, but it always looks stunning), but her everyday clothes are gorgeous as well. Very feminine, with a touch of vintage and sometimes a girly or romantic top or blouse combined with a pair of jeans.

Last time I went shopping, I tried to find some things I thought Melinda would wear, and I am glad to say I think I succeeded with a lovely white blouse and a romantic light pink sleeveless blouse that can be combined with a vest or something like that when the weather gets colder.

I leave you with some pictures of Melinda, I could not find many, but then again, perhaps you all just better watch the series. :-)


  1. I like this series, too. I'm sad that it's no longer on TV.

    1. It was broadcasted on Dutch televsion, but I did not see all seasons. I am glad to have them all on dvd now!

      Kind regards,


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