Imperial dining at the Hermitage in Amsterdam

This weekend my mother and I went to see the beautiful exhibition Dining with the tsars in de Hermitage in Amsterdam.

Only in the 18th century Europe learned how to make porcelain, before that it was always brought back from China.

Tableware made from porcelain were bought by all the crowned heads in Europe, to use themselves or to give it to other kings and emperors. The tsars in Russia ordered many beautiful sets of dinnerware. Plates, cups, soup tureens, servings bowls and of course beautiful centerpieces were all part of one set.

In the Hermitage they had placed the tables just like they would have looked like during a dinner at court. There was dinnerware from Catherine the Great, Alexander II and Nicolas II. There even was a set given to Stalin (quite nice) for his birthday.

Stalin's souptureen
Dining with the tsars is a very beautiful exhibition and we loved it. The Hermitage is one of the most beautiful museums in Amstersam, the building is also very special.
So if you have the chance: Dining with the tsars can be seen at the Hermitage museum in Amsterdam until March 2015.

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Beautiful sight from above
This was one owned by Alexander II.
Isn't this just beautiful?
Yes, there are peacocks in the middle of this table


  1. This was really interesting. I agree, the plate with the leaf design is beautiful! Thank you for sharing, Bettina.
    Bits & Bobs

    1. You are welcome, it was just so beautiful and I loved being able to see all these delicate pieces of porcelain, knowing the tsars actually used it. Amazing!

      Kind regards,


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