Art in Weesp

I always like to see art in all its forms in the streets and around us. Often it is unusual or unexpected and it makes you laugh or think or both.
In Weesp I saw some fine examples.
This is a war monument

This one is made of wood

An iron gate like thingy around a tree, (not quite sure what it is)

Art in the water

Floating in the canal, little handbags

Floating musicians (dolls)

Really funny pinguins

An iron tree with golden birds.


  1. I love all the art in the water, you don't see anything like that here in the UK. Also, the last picture is an interesting one too - the birds really standout.

    1. Perhaps art in the water is a typically Dutch thing? Perhaps because we have so much of it :-)

      I am glad you like the photographs, I like sharing things like this.

      Kind regards,


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