Downton Abbey is back

Here in The Netherlands many people are very happy because last Saturday the first episode of the fifth season of Downton Abbey was broadcasted on Dutch television.

I loved the first three series of DA, but I must confess I was a little bit disappointed with season 4. I still was not over the fact that Matthew had died and I really disliked the new suitors for Mary. Also other storylines felt to be a little bit over the top. Too many people, too many silly things and not enough coherence.

I did want to see the fifth season, because I hoped it would be better and you know what? I think it is. I love Lady Mary and I am curious to see how things will go for her. Edith's storyline is sad, and I hope for a happy (happier) ending for her, since not much has gone her way so far.
Perhaps Mr. Gregson will come back from wherever he has been?
Lady Edith and her Marigold.
I also really like the Earl of Grantham, he is such a gentleman and I hope the changes will be kind to him. Because there will be changes, I think in these new times.

I am looking forward to seeing the Russian refugees (I love a little bit of Russian history mixed in, as you can imagine) and I also like to see Virginia Woolf making an appearance.
Virginia Woolf (Christina Carty)
And as always the attention to details, the impeccable acting, the beautiful surroundings and the astonishing costumes make every episode of Downton Abbey worth watching. I will be glued to the television coming Saturday's, I imagine.

I have already ordered a copy of the DVD, that will be available next month, and I think I will treat myself to a DA-marathon this Christmas-holiday.


  1. Here, in the UK, Downton Abbey spells the beginning of Autumn TV for us, so this particular series ended a week or so ago. I have yet to finish it - I have two episodes left, which I really need to watch before they disappear - and I'm not going to be sharing any spoilers, don't worry, I just wanted to say that I'm finding this particular season slow... I haven't been as enthralled. I love the show in general though! It's perfect escapism watching!
    Bits & Bobs

    1. Oh, I am curious to see if I have the same experience. As I said, I did not like season 4 as much as the previous three, but I liked the first episode of season 5.
      And yes, it is perfect escapism, something we need in difficult times like these!

      Kind regards,


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