A lifelong passion, Andrei Maylunas & Sergei Mironenko

The marriage between tsar Nicolas II and his wife Alexandra was an exception in royal circles in the 19th century. They married for love and they loved each other deeply until the very last day.
Their letters and diaries speak of this love and in this book, we can read those letters and diaries.

In A lifelong passion you can find the collected and selected letters and diaries of Nicolas and Alexander, but also letters and diary fragments of their children, family members and people from the court and government. It gives a really good insight how the relationships between the Imperial couple and the people who surrounded were. It also gives a very good insight in the times and the historical events of those days.

As a Romanov-fan you want to have A lifelong passion on your bookshelves, since it brings the Imperial Family so very close.

Years most of these sources were locked away in archives and only when communism fell, these archived were opened and the material could be studied. This resulted in this wonderful book. For me it is one of my most prizes books about the Romanovs.  

Full title: A lifelong passion. Nicolas and Alexandra, their own story
Pubished in 1997