Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Best books of 2014

My best books of 2014
I had an amazing year when I look at the books I read. In total I read 148 books, but I must confess 13 of those were Agatha Christies and I can read those in an hour or so.

I read 15 books about Russia or by Russian authors, 16 books about Italy or by Italian authors. I read 33 non-fiction books and 21 of those were historical non-fiction, no surprise there!

And now for the good part, what were my best books of 2014?

First my top three in fiction:
  • Twice born by Margaret Mazzantini here A beautiful love story of two people who really want a child, against the horrible events of the civil war in Bosnia
  • The Mussolini canal by Antonio Pennacchi here An epic novel about an Italian family.
  • The rise and fall of great powers by Tom Rachman here The beautifully written story of Tolly and the different important events in her life.

Other categories:
Non fiction: The best on fiction book was a book by a Dutch journalist about Anton Chekhov, and I love this book so much because it gave me Chekhov in my life. Without this book I would not have picked up his stories and I would not have fallen in love a little bit with Anton Chekhov.
But since there is no English translation of this book, I will give you my second best non-fiction book of 2014 and for me this was:
  • The Bloomsbury cookbook by Jans Ondaatje Rolls, here. Part cookbook, artbook, biography and social history, this book has it all.

Best thriller:
  • The root of all evil by Roberto Costantini here The second part in the trilogy about Inspector Michele Balistreri and his troubled past.

Best Fantasy (okay, I admit, this was the only fantasy I read this year, but still!)
  • The fool's assassin by Robin Hobb here A new part in the series of Fitz and the Fool and I loved it.

Best cookbook
  • Simply Italian by the Chiappa sisters, here
I hope 2015 will be an equally good reading year!


  1. Congrats on reading so many books this year. That's awesome! I'm impressed that you've read so many Russian authors; and I love that you can zip through an Agatha Christie book so quickly. Reading your blog and chatting with you this year has been a lot of fun. I hope 2015 is even better. Happy New Year! :)

    1. It has been fun, I also really enjoy reading your blog. So let us hope for much more amazing posts in the coming year and wonderful conversations!
      Happy 2015!

      Kind regards,


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