Dolce far niente

Dolce far niente is the art of enjoying doing nothing. Not hasting, not checking you emails or facebook-status on your smartphone in fear of missing something, not doing two things at the same time, not running here and there without ever pausing.

The Italians are masters of dolce far niente, they simply enjoy sitting in the sun, or on a terrace, with a cup of coffee or a good book. Looking at the people who pass by and sitting, there, enjoying the moment.

Try it tomorrow, just sit somewhere and enjoy the moment, the tea or coffee you drink, the sun on your face or the peace and quiet in your own home.

Just enjoy doing nothing for a moment. 
This gentelman I saw in the Bardini gardens in Florence knew how to do it. He sat there, on a Sunday morning, reading his newspaper in these beautiful gardens, completely at peace and in the moment. He was not rushing it, he was not checking his phone. I think this is a great way to spend your morning. 


  1. Why does everything sound better in Italian? I love the idea of doing nothing being an art. It's one I practice when I'm on vacation...but not so much in my real life. Maybe I need a little more dolce far niente in my life. :)

    1. Yes, everything does sound better in Italian, doesn't it? I think we can all use a little more dolce far niente, just try it!

      Kind regards,


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