Five places I love in Rome

When you are in Rome, there are so many things you can see and visit. I have been to Rome 7 times and each time I see new things. I actually think you can visit Rome 20 times and still discover churches, museums and places you did not visit before. But despite all the new things to discover, there are a few favorites I visit each time, or plan to go to again.

Piazza Navona
The most beautiful square in the whole wide world. I love the atmosphere here and every day when I am in Rome, you can find me here during the evening. On one side of the piazza you can see the artists selling their paintings and drawings, there are some nice things to be found here. On the other side of the piazza you have the ‘performing arts’, sometimes a dancegroup, a jazz-combo, an old man singing along with a radio (very badly, but hey, he is having fun) and living statues.
In Roman times it was a stadium, and you can still see this in the shape of the Piazza. The fountains are designed by
In the streets around the Piazza Navona you can find many great restaurants to have dinner. 

Santa Maria sopra Minerva
Rome has many beautiful churches, so many you cannot visit all of them even if you go to a different one each day for a year.
The Santa Maria sopra Minerva is a large and square church, with beautiful light inside. The blue ceiling is particularly beautiful. The remains of Catherine of Siena are buried here.

This part of Rome is on the other side of the river Tevere, or the Tiber as it was called. It is a lively neighborhood and there is plenty to see on the streets. The Santa Maria in Trastevere is a beautiful church with mosaics from the 12th century. 
More impressions of Trastevere can be found HERE

The English cemetery
Not really English, but a cemetery for all the people who were not Catholic. Poets Shelley and Keats are buried here for example. It is lovely to walk around this quiet haven in a busy city and look at the gravestones and tombes. 

Therme di Caracalla
This bathhouse built by emperor Caracalle in 212 AD was not just a bathhouse, it also had restaurants, a library and gardens. About 1600 people could be here at the same time.
Today, it is a ruins, but still very impressive.  Well worth a visit!