All you need is Paris

Paris is always a good idea as we know and last week I spent a couple of days there. With the Thalys it is such an easy connection (just 3 1/2 hours from Amsterdam) that you can almost decide to go there for just one day. I did not do that, I was there for three days, but knowing you can get there in a heartbeat is really nice.

Anyway, I loved my little last-minute trip as I knew I would. Rome has half of my heart, but I begin to suspect Paris may have the other half!

Isn't it funny how one city can 'speak' to you, so to say and others do not? I remember coming into Rome for the first time and feeling at home from the first minute. Whenever I am in Paris, I feel happy even when my feet hurt or when it rains. Berlin on the other hand was good, but nothing special, at least not to me.

So prepare for loads of lovely photographs of Paris in the weeks to come, and aren't balconies in Paris just amazing?