The most charming neighbourhood in Berlin

One of the oldest and most charming neighbourhoods of Berlin can be found near the Hackescher Markt (market). Here you have charming houses, cute courts and loads of history.
The old trainstation is also quite beautiful.
The trainstation
This used to be a neighbourhood where a lot of the Jews in Berlin lived, until the nazi's came into power. Here you can find the eldest Jewish cemetery, which was completely destroyed by the nazi's. All that remains is this park, two gravestones and a monument.
The entrance to the Jewish cemetery

Beautiful monument
There are other reminders of the war as well. This house was bombed. A French artist searched and found who used to live there and made signs with the name and the profession of the people who used to live here. A good way to remember.
Reminding those who lived here
When you walk around in this neighbourhood, you see many houses with holes in them. These are the bullitholes from the battle of Berlin in April 1945.
The bullitholes are still visible
This neighbourhood is famous for its couryards. There are many courtyards in Berlin, but most of them are private and only the people who live there have access to them. Here, in the Hackescher Hofe, every pedestrian can walk from courtyard to courtyard and enjoy the beauty and the charm.
One of the Hackescher Hofe