Résistance (2015)

When France is occupied by Nazi-Germany in 1940, young Lili gets involved in a resistance group that operates from the museum where she works. 

It begins with an underground newspaper, but soon more is happening. The Nazi’s however find out about them and the consequences are horrible.

Other friends of Lili are in a communist resistancegroup and they also take more and more actions against the Nazi’s, and Lili also gets involved with them. In the meantime, the Nazi’s are relentless in their hunt against the members of the Resistance.

Writer of this series, Dan Franck, based it on several real members of the Résistance and even a historical person like Klaus Barbie is featured. Only the characters of Lili and her father are made-up, to tie all the different groups, both in Paris and in Lyon, together.
For me, this did not matter, I absolutely loved this series and I could not get away from it; I watched all six episodes in one weekend.

Résistance is a very good French series, with a great cast. Pauline Burnet is an excellent Lili, but I also liked César Domboy as the young man she falls in love with, very much.  
César Domboy and Pauline Burnet
The war is not romanticized in this series. You see very clearly how difficult it must have been to live in an occupied land, where there is not enough food and where you have to be very careful who you trust.

Some French become collaborators for the gain, others out of fear, and some are so brave that they are able to sing the Marseillaise when they face a firing squad.

Brave decisions have to be made although the Nazi’s come closer every time and most people are so very afraid.
Lili and the other members of the resistance. 
Résistance is a series that gives you a new respect for the brave men and women who thought it was worthwhile to risk their lives for the freedom of their country.

A very special series that I really recommend!


  1. Sounds really good. Wish they would show it here in the U.S.

    1. When I read this, I thought about DVD's, but I forgot the little thing called DVDregions. Such a shame! I hope a network in the US will pick this series up and show it, it is very good!

      Kind regards,

  2. Sounds interesting, thanks for mentioning it! Maybe that's something they'll show on ARTE-TV some time? I checked online, and... duh... only available in French, no subtitles whatsoever, and costs an arm and a leg :-( I don't understand why particularly French series rarely ever come out on TV / DVD over here in Germany (not the first time I've noticed this). And if they come out, they're often times not subtitled (don't mind they're not dubbed, subtitles would be totally fine with me). I speak *some* French, but it's basic, so I'd need subtitles one way or another. Ah well. Rant over. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Perhaps! I am glad it came out with Dutch subtitles, my French is also not good enough to understand a French series or film without subtitles. I just checked the dvd-box, but there are no German subtitles, I am sorry to say. Really a shame! (perhaps we could start a protest! :-) )

      Kind regards,

    2. Many French DVDs seem to come with Dutch subtitles because they are sold to Belgium - and not everyone there speaks French as their mother tongue (seen that with movies as well as with series like 'Detectives' or 'Spiral' - no German subtitles, but you could get Dutch ones - not helpful for me, either, though!). I find that so disturbing. You'd think that in a globalised world they'd be a bit more 'international' in that respect. Ah well... Launching an organised protest sounds good to me :-)


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