A little bit of everything, Februari 2016

Les revenants (2012)
What happens in a small town in France when people start coming back from the dead? One family is very happy their daughter has returned, but what is the story of the lonely little boy and why did old Mr. Costa kill himself? It seems a murderer has also returned and has picked up his old habit again. And why is the dam so important?

Les revenants (the returned) is a very good French series. Its eerie atmosphere is similar to Twin Peaks, and a lot of unexplainable things happen. There are eight episodes and after watching the first one, I was hooked. The last episode leaves many questions un-answered and that is why I am very happy there is a second series and even a third is being made in France.
It is really, really good.

Plants and more plants. 
I do love beautiful plants in my house, as I think I have mentioned before. I always had plants, but lately I decided I wanted more. Plants make a house cosier, and the atmosphere improves, making your house healthier to live in.
The only problem is that I do not have many windowsills in my house, so I need to be creative.

A few weeks ago I bought fifteen new plants, and I placed them not only on top of my bookcases, but also inside. And I put plants on the diningroom-table and the coffee-table.
It looks really good and it makes me happy whenever I look at them.
Beautiful orchids on the diningroom-table

Plants can also be placed on a bookshelf

No need for flowers with these beautiful reds and greens on my coffeetable