Urban Jungle Bloggers, Jungle animals

I really like plants and in my mind a house should have these three things to make it a home: books, cats and plants.
I wanted more plants in my house and last week I bought quite a few, fifteen in total! It looks amazing and I feel very happy when I look at them.

When I was looking on the internet for inspiration, I found the Urban Jungle Bloggers HERE. This is an initiative by Judith from Joelix.com and Igor from Happy Interior Blog. He is German and she is Dutch and they met in Paris and bonded over their love for plants.

They started the Urban Jungle Bloggers, and not only is this a blog filled with inspiration and good information, they also have a theme each month. This month is was Jungle Animals. Of course you can become very creative with a theme like this, but when you have a tiger in your living room, it would be silly not to use her!

Silvia liked to pretend she is not interested in these new plants. Only seconds before the photographs she was sniffing the plants and getting to know them, but the moment I wanted to take a photograph, she prentended there was something much more interesting outside.

Later she found that a plant like this is good for giving some camouflage. You can pretend you are not there and perhaps if you do not see them, they will not see you.

Sometimes she can become too friendly with plants, this poor thing has lost a lot of its leaves because Silvia liked to bite them.
This was my first post for the Urban Jungle Bloggers, but I do not think it will be my last!