Excursion to Hoorn

Last week we had a projectweek at school and I went to the town of Hoorn with a group of students. We had absolutely amazing weather, so that was a real bonus.

Hoorn was an important town in the 17th century, and you can see the remains of history everywhere in the monuments, beautiful buildings and lovely streets.

Hoorn is only 30 minutes by train from Amsterdam, and it is really worth a visit.

Here are a few photographs I made. I could not make as many as I wanted, because I was with the students, but these do give an impression.
The station is a 19th century industrial monument. 

In 'hofjes' like these, old men or women could live when they could not take care of themselves anymore.
They are modernised of course, and people are still living here

Part of the town's defence wall and the tower where the gunpowder was stored. 

The orphanage. 

Ware houses of the Dutch East India Company

The harbour

This is where the members of the seven towns of this part of the Netherlands stayed
when they had a meeting.


  1. Thanks for these photos - it's been quite a while since I've been to Hoorn (about 20 years *gulp*). Loved this town and have many fond memories of the Netherlands in general. Time to go again, I reckon :-)

    1. How wonderful that you know Hoorn! It is indeed one of the many wonderful towns we have here in The Netherlands and we really enjoyed going here with the students.

      Kind regards,

  2. What subject do you teach?

    1. The best subject in the world: history!! I teach at a high-school 12-18 yo. I love my job!

      Kind regards,


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