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The books I read last week. 
Despite the hectic weeks at school, I did manage to read a couple of very good books. The week before I read the new Nicci French with the amazing Frieda Klein, I thought this was a pleasure to read as always, but last week I also finished three very good books.

First I read Manderley forever by Tatiana de Rosnay, a fictional biography of Daphne Du Maurier. I really enjoyed it and I will review it next week. This book also made me want to read more books by Daphne Du Maurier (I only read Rebecca), so I ordered a few. Some have arrived and others will arrive in the days to come, but prepare yourself for some more Daphne Du Maurier in the coming weeks! (or months, you know how this goes)

In the bus to school I read Adieu Parijs, a Dutch translation of a French novel by Leon Wérth. The French title is 33 jours, and it is his account of the days just after the Nazi's occupied France and 8 million people tried to leave Paris and tried to find safety in the south.
Very moving and very, very good. I do not know if there is an English translation.

And on Saturday I read the amazing thriller by Swedish author Jens Lapidus, Stockholm delete. I love his style, once you pick up his book, you cannot put them down. It is filled with action and believable characters. I really enjoyed myself with that on Saturday. I do not know if there are translations in English, but I think there must be!

What am I reading now? 
Right now I am reading two books. One is the new novel by French author Muriel Barbery. I really loved her The elegance of the hedgehog and her new novel was a birthdaypresent.
So far, it is something completely different, but I like it.

And in the bus to school I will start in Deep South by Paul Theroux. I am a little fascinated by the Southern states of America, so I think I'll love this book.

I could buy a Dutch translation for 34 euro's or an English copy for just 16 euro's. So guess what, I bought the English version. I do think that is a ridiculous difference in price though. Very strange.

What else?
Yesterday (Sunday) I visited Utrecht, for a lecture about Saint Francis, and to visit an exhibition about this popular saint. Both were amazing, and I will tell more about this coming Friday and share some photographs of Utrecht.

Coming week there will be a lot of things to do at school, so not much time for other things I am afraid! But I am glad I have the commute to Amsterdam and time to read on the bus.

I hope you will have a great week and you are able to read some amazing books!


  1. If you're interested to learn more about Daphne DuMaurier, you might like Margaret Forster's biography about her (published in Arrow Books, as far as I remember). Regarding her own publications, I can recommend 'Jamaica Inn' (that has been made into movies and TV series), and I also liked her short stories. Oh, and a book about Branwell Bronte, brother of the Bronte sisters. I didn't enjoy 'My cousin Rachel', though - found that very confusing. I look forward to your review of Tatiana de Rosnay's book - have heard about it, but haven't read it so far.

    1. Thanks for the tip about her biography, it comes on my list!I have ordered a couple of her novels and I am very curious to which ones I like and which I think are so-so. Jamaica Inn has been ordered!

      Kind regards,

  2. I like Tatiana de Rosnay; I'll have to check out this latest book by her. I've never read Rebecca, but I'm planning on reading it next month for Daphne du Maurier's birthday. I have read several of her short stories and thought they were really good. Can't wait to hear about the other books of hers that you read. Sounds like you had a pretty good week. :)

    1. I think you will like Rebecca very much. It is one of my favorite books, and I am curious to see how you like it when you read it next month. I think that you would also like Manderley forever, especially if you already like Tatiana de Rosnay :-)

      Kind regards,


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