This and that May 2016, part 2

These weeks have been very busy, and I am working on all kinds of things.

Final exams
These weeks the students in The Netherlands have their final exams. I am busy with the marking of these exams and this is not always easy. No student answers according to the model-answer and of course there were some weird questions in the history exams that cause a lot of debate.
I am anxious to see how my students have done, but for the results I will have to have a little more patience.
Marking the exams is not so easy
Summer vacation
Last weekend my friend M. and I booked a few days away in August. We have done this before in the past, and this year we had plans to do this again. We were debating Paris or London, but in the end we choose: Venice!!

We are both looking forward to it and it will help us through the last weeks of the schoolyear (that are usually the hardest!)
Venice, Canal grande, 2011
I do have time to read, luckily, if only in the bus to work! I have a nice new collection of books by Daphne du Maurier or about her, and I enjoy them very much. Stay tuned for more reviews of her books! :-)
My books by Daphne du Maurier and some books about her

Recently I also bought the book Testament of youth by Vera Brittain. This is the autobiography of a young woman who grew up during WWI and worked as a nurse at that time.
A film has been made of this book and this is very beautiful (great clothes). A review of both will follow soon.
The book and the film
And for the rest I am visiting friends and family, reading some more, I write letters, go to see exhibitions and I study Italian. In short, it is a full life at the moment, but also very rewarding. I al very grateful and happy that everything is going well and I am really enjoying myself.


  1. Have fun in Venice!! (And take some great pics so I can travel vicariously with you.)


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