City life in Venice, a few impressions

When I am in a city, I do not only visit museums and churches, but part of the fun for me is sitting on a bench or the steps of a church, watching people. When you pay attention, you can see so many interesting things.
Venice is of course an unique city in the sense that everything goes by foot or by boat.

Here are a few impressions of city life in Venice.
The fruit and veg stall, only on a boat. 

This couple will have no trouble finding good spots for photographs.
This was on the Accademia bridge. 

Early in the morning the gondola's need to be prepared for the coming day. 

A typical little square in Venice (a 'campo'), with an old waterwell in the middle.
Nowadays a good spot for tourists to rest for a moment!

Collecting the garbage is also done over water. This is on Murano

I like to see nuns in the normal running of a city., they are part of the world after all, and do not stand apart from it.
This nun got the newspaper and some groceries early in the morning. 

The mailman.

Campo Margerita, we drank coffee here
while the shopkeepers opened their shops to get ready for the day. 


  1. The bride and groom photo is awesome! How lucky was that? Love these photos. But I think it would be hard to take a bad picture of Venice. It's all so picturesque.

    1. Yes, I was really happy when I saw that couple! But you are right, it is hard to make an ugly or a bad photograph in Venice. It is beautiful everywhere you look!

      Kind regards,


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