The San Marco in Venice

Cathedral as seen from the other side of the San Marco square
The San Marco cathedral in Venice is one of the most beautiful and unique churches in the world, I think.

It was built in the middle of the 11th century, to accomodate the remains of Saint Mark (San Marco), that the Venetians took from the city of Alexandria a couple of centuries before.

The outside is breathtaking, but it is nothing compared to the inside of the church. I never make phtographs inside a church (out of respect), but I can tell you that the church is covered in gold mosaics, every wall and even the ceilings. The floor has mosaics as well. The light is a bit dimmed and the effect is like you are inside a cave near the sea.

The entrance is free, but you have to dress appropriately (no bare shoulders or knees). Also be prepared to wait in line for a while.
The front side
Inside the church you can see the treasure chamber, there is an entrance fee of 3 euro's for this. This is a terribly small room, but really cool. Inside are the relics of the church, all the remains of the saints that used to be worshipped in the Middle Ages.
For 2 euro's you can look behind the altar and see the beautiful gold mosaics here.
The San Marco cathedral is a church you must see when you are in Venice.
The back as seen from the Ducal palace


  1. So amazing! I'm still hoping to get there someday. :)

    1. It is a truely unique and almost magical church. I hope you will be able to visit Venice one day and then you must visit the San Marco.

      Kind regards,


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