New plants

I love plants in my house. Books and plants, those are key ingredients for me to make my house warm and cozy. I did not have a lot of plants when I was younger, but in the past years somehow I began to put more plants in my house. And they thrive!

A few weeks ago I bought a few new plants, since plants do not have eternal life and despite my good care some die. My mum and I had a great morning in the gardencentre, picking out new plants and giving them a good place when we were back in my house.

As you can see, I do not have huge windowsills, but I do have a lot of bookshelves. No reason why you cannot put plants on those as well!


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    1. I've counted them and in total I have 38 plants in my house.
      I love plants :-)

      Kind regards,

    2. That's amazing! I'm impressed. Plants don't do well in my space: too many north-facing windows and too little light. Plus, I tend to get bored with taking care of them after awhile. :) You definitely have the green-thumb touch!

    3. I do have a very light house, and my house does not face north, so that helps, I think.
      I enjoy taking care of my plants, but there are a few I cannot handle very well, orchids do not seem to like me, and certain other plants also never thrive with me. But I am glad the majority of plants does do well with me!

      Kind regards,


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